5 Interesting Facts about Double Glazed Windows

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In simple terms, double glazed windows are constructed by adding another pane of glass to the already existing window. You’ll be amazed to know about the innumerable benefits that this window provides. They are famous for reducing the electricity bills. Therefore, the majority of homeowners prefer these windows from companies providing glazing service in Kingston.

Although there is a debate on the origin of double glazed windows, however, the concept is not a new one. However, lately, the benefits of these windows have come to the forefront. Before you decide on changing your single pane window to a double glazed one, here are a few interesting facts about these windows.

Origin of double glazed windows

Since 1970, double glazed windows have been in existence. There was a boom of the same during this period. Many houses started using these windows as soon as they discovered that they could keep them warm in winters. Although the origin is uncertain, however, CV Haven found the basic concept of these windows in 1930. With a lot of product differentiation and customisations, today, the structures of these windows have changed.

Ability to reduce noise

How often have you wished to turn a deaf ear to all the noises around you? However, it seems impossible. If you want to block the sounds, then double glazed windows are your saviour. The windows are made with argon gas in between the two panes. This gas acts as a natural sound barrier. Now you can party all night with loud music on, without disturbing the peaceful sleep of your neighbours.

Low investment high returns

If you already have a single-paned glass window, you need to add a pane along with argon gas in between for a double glazed window. Hence, in reality, the installation costs of these windows are less. If you compare the return with the same, it’s pretty high. These windows add financial value to your property. Hence, if you’re planning on reselling the same, then this is undoubtedly an added advantage.

Energy-efficient homes

With double glazed windows installed in your house, the internal temperature of your home will remain controlled. The concept of air filling in between the panes helps keep the room cool during summers and warm during winters. Hence, you don’t have to use ACs or room heaters. Your electricity bills will be low.

Keeps house secured

Once you’ve installed double glazed windows, you can be assured that the burglars will not be able to break into your house. They are sturdy and rigid. Hence, there’s no way to break the windows without attracting the attention of the entire neighbourhood!

The quality of glazed windows depends on the type of company you’ve chosen for the installation part. Stick to your budget and compare the reviews and rates of different companies before selecting the one.

Crown Glass & Glazing Company offers custom-built glazing services in Kingston. We offer a varied range of double glazed window styles to suit your home interiors. Our high-quality glazed windows will indeed protect your house against all kinds of unfavourable weather conditions.

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