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Everybody wants a perfect home with the optimal temperature conditions prevailing in every corner of the house. Getting double glazed sealed units in Sutton from us, at Crown Glass, is the best decision you will ever make regarding the architecture of your household.

What is a double glazed sealed unit?

Primarily, double glazed sealed units consist of two glass panes separated by a 16-20 mm gap. The glass panes are then fitted into PVC-U or aluminium frames and sealed hermetically. This conserves the heat and prevents it from being dissipated. These doors have gained popularity in recent times due to their energy efficiency. The significant benefits of using our quality double glazed sealed units are:

  • Conserves heat
  • Maintains optimal temperature indoors
  • Saves excess energy saved in heating or cooling of premises
  • Reduces condensation

Why should you avail of our services?

Crown Glass takes pride in manufacturing quality double glazed sealed units in Sutton as well as other localities. We use materials that are durable and resistant to extreme weather conditions. Further, we put into use only the most advanced technology in constructing the sealed units.

At Crown Glass, we customize our products according to the individual needs of our customers. Our company takes care of the initial measurements, flawless construction, and impeccable fittings. We are committed to providing reliable, cutting-edge products for your home at affordable prices. Come, revamp your home and get the perfect glass fittings with Crown Glass.

We offer Swiss warm edge bar in various colours from 8mm up to 20mm, we also stock aluminium spacer bar from 4mm up to 20mm in silver, black, bronze, white and even gold.

We manufacture any combination of glasses, including energy-efficient low e, toughened safety glass, acoustic and self-cleaning glasses with many more options available. Argon gas filling is also possible to give higher thermal insulation performance.

Sealed Units

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