Opt for the Perfect Double Glazed Sealed Units in Wimbledon

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Double glazing is all the rage in contemporary house designing, and for all the right reasons. The demand for double glazed sealed units in Wimbledon has only been rising over the last few decades.

What is a double glazed sealed unit?

It is a windowpane which has two separate sheets of glass sealed together but with a bit of space in between, forming a cavity to provide the insulation. In this cavity, kept apart by a spacer bar, there is a desiccant installed to soak up any residual moisture between the panes. The whole unit is then shut tight with edge sealant.

What do we offer?

  • Excellent quality control and in-house testing of units
  • Fool-proof glazing services with guarantee up to five years
  • A range of glasses to choose from – acoustic, self-cleaning, low-energy and break-proof glasses
  • Regulated thermal insulation with an additional filling of Argon gas
  • Promised after-sales service and support in case of any inconvenience
Sealed Units

Crown Glass has been a renowned name in the glazing business for over 40 years now, and we bring to the table the undeniable mix of efficiency and trustworthiness. If you are looking to install double glazed sealed units in Wimbledon, Crown Glass is the name you go for.

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