Double-Glazing Problems and How You Can Avoid Them

Crown Glass

Double-glazing windows provide robust insulation and energy efficiency. They are also the best choice if you are looking to fortify your security. However, double-glazing windows are not completely guileless. They can also run into this problem or that. As a top glazing service in Sutton, here in this blog, we have compiled the top double-glazing problems suffered by users. We have also indicated potential solutions to these problems. Let’s dive straight into it.

The problems and solutions in the case of double-glazed windows

Double-glazing windows are known to suffer from the following most common sets of problems. Here, we present to you the problems and their corresponding solutions.

  1. Windows/doors becoming difficult to open or close

This is known to happen with a fresh installation and is expected to ease over time. If you are impatient or really worried about this hitch, you can try using lubrication on the hinges. If the problem does not respond to it, a bit of meddling with the screws might be necessary. However, we advise you to consult the professionals for the latter case.

  1. Windows and doors are not fitting properly

This problem can occur for two reasons: either the lack of grasp over the details by the installers or the poor quality of the materials used by the manufacturers. However, with us at the helm, you won’t have to worry. We assure you of the best quality of materials as well as exceptional service.

  1. Locks not working

Locks are often ignored or overlooked as a small detail, but you may find out later that the lock is not responding. Hence, it is important you test the lock right after installation.

  1. Problems with condensation

Is your double-glazing glass steaming up way too often? This happens because of an error on the part of the installer or lack of maintenance. You can prevent this issue by installing some ventilation and keeping the windows clean. A trickle vent is ideal to prevent condensation problems as it helps maintain a warm airflow and prevents vapour from landing on your windows.

  1. Double glazing cracking or shattering

This is a common problem for people who have taller, longer-shaped windows in a cold region. The only way to solve this problem is to choose the location of the installation prudently.

Have your double-glazed setup run into any of the above-mentioned problems? Crown Glass, the eminent glazing service in Sutton, can help you find the right solution for your problem.