Four Types of Framed Mirrors Which Have Timeless Elegance


Framed mirrors have always been the most traditional type of mirror that you will find in different bedrooms, washrooms and living areas. You can opt for wood, metal, or plastic frames. The materials are also available in a wide range of colours and patterns. You can pick the frame that suits your aesthetics based on the house’s interiors. You’ll always get a framed mirror that will suit your interiors, whether contemporary, vintage or conventional. For the best-designed framed mirrors in Richmond, make sure that you contact professional installers. They will offer a range of framed mirrors that you can use for any part of the house.

What are the common types of frame mirrors?

Wooden framed mirrors

The most conventional type of framed mirrors are the wooden framed mirrors. They add a connection with nature and are a sustainable option as well. They are the best and safest choice if you don’t want to experiment with the mirror. They can be customised as per the design of the frame. Moreover, wooden frames add elegance and luxury to the house’s interiors. They are easy to maintain and will last a lifetime.

LED light-framed mirror

LED light-framed mirrors are a great option if you want a sleek and minimalist design. They can be customised to match modern looks and have various uses. The best part about this type of framed mirror is that you do not have to install a separate light on the mirror. You can use the LED frame for the focus. They are bright and energy-efficient options. You can opt for this type of mirror frame, especially for the bathrooms.

Golden framed mirror

Mirrors with golden frames are opulent and luxurious. If you want to add grandeur to the interiors of your house, then a golden-framed mirror is the best option. This frame type always stays in style and makes the room look grand. They are commonly found either in the corridors or the living and dining areas of the house.

Black framed mirrors

Black framed mirrors are a unique addition, and it largely depends on the choice of the homeowner. The edgy appearance of the black framed mirrors makes the house decor stand out. You can include dim lights and dull colour schemes to complement these mirrors.

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