How to Fix Common Problems with Double Glazing Options?

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Installing double glazing windows or doors doesn’t mean that you’ll not face any issues. They are energy efficient and can lessen the condensation level of the house. However, along with the benefits, every double glazing door and window has its share of drawbacks as well. For instance, due to insufficient ventilation, there can be condensation on the panes of the double glazed doors or windows. However, every problem that you face with double glazing frames.

Moreover, a bit of common sense and care while using these double glazed glass panes will surely solve all problems and help you get the best outcome that you’ve desired while installing a double glazed door or window at your home.

Read on to know more about the common problems and their probable solutions for double glazing doors and windows.

3 common problems and solutions for double glazing options

Fixing of broken double glazed window/door handle

If the handles of the double glazing doors or windows fail to lock or open, then it might pose a serious threat to the safety of your house. This occurs because the lack of lubrication jams up the process and adds extra strain to the same. If you’ve double glazed options, fixing the locks becomes important. You must hire a professional locksmith for the job.

Problems with misted windows

The job of the double glazed doors and windows is to act as a barrier between the warm air inside the house and the cool air outside the house. The space between the two glasses is filled with an inert gas that acts as an invisible insulator for the house. When moisture enters, a layer of mist forms on the glass; this means that either there’s a leak or the double glazed frames are not working effectively. It would be best to get the glass units replaced soon to avoid high electricity bills.

Problem of black mould growth on double glazed options

When the ventilation is not proper for the double glazed windows and doors, then black mould might start forming on the different corners of the doors and windows. This is commonly seen in kitchens and bathrooms. Local glaziers suggest trickling the vents to solve this problem.

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