How to Take Care of Your Glass Windows during Winter?

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Glass windows are always considered an asset for any property. Whether it is your business or home, glass windows can add more aesthetical value to the building. On the other hand, with the help of efficient glazing service in and around Sutton, you can easily increase the overall energy efficiency of your building.

However, to reap all the benefits of glass windows and doors, you should take care of glazed objects properly throughout the year, especially during winter. Winter is the month when glass can react differently than the rest of the year. Proper and regular maintenance will ensure the complete efficiency of your glazed doors and windows.

  1. Internal Condensation on Windows

The reduced ventilation is one major reason have internal condensation on glasses. This is a very common sight during winter months that you see your glass windows got water droplets. When you keep out a bottle of chilled water from your refrigerator, you see that similar kinds of droplets on the body of that bottle. The same thing happens to your window glasses during winter.

No matter how well the installation was done, you cannot escape from window glass condensation because it is a natural and normal thing to happen.

  1. Exterior Condensation on Glass

During the winter months, you can witness condensation on the window’s exterior too. This is a sign that those glass and glazed windows are capable and efficient enough to stop cold air from entering the room. Thus, the windows remain warm enough to create that condensation process.

With advanced energy-efficient features, modern double-glazed windows have capable of producing more condensation than ever. You can prominently see those water droplets at the exterior part of your glazed windows.

How to Maintain the Glass Windows?

Condensation generally does not cause major damages. However, you should try to keep your window glasses clean regularly. If you notice too much condensation happening indoor, you can use clean, soft and dry towels to wipe off the glass and remove those tiny water droplets from the glass.

Apart from glasses, your windows have other parts like hinges, joints, handles and locks. It is highly required to maintain them to ensure the efficiency and safety of the entire structure. Regular lubricating and cleaning will reduce the risks and improve overall performance.

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