Misted Double Glazing: Know How to Diagnose and Fix Them

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Most homeowners are upgrading to double glazing windows. The window features two glass panes instead of a single one. Also known as “dual pane”, it is separated by a layer of argon gas which helps regulate home temperature. The argon gas is a poor conductor of heat, and it keeps the warm air from escaping. Besides, the window panes cut out external noise as well.

Double glazing windows need repair and replacement from time to time. Although they make an excellent addition to the home, it might show a problem. A common occurrence is condensation between the glass panes. It happens if the seal on the double-glazed glass breaks or cracks. This is when consulting professionals from glazing services in Kingston are recommended.

What Causes Misting?

Double glazed sealed units fail to perform if the moisture traps between the two panes of glass. It is no longer a sealed unit; hence, it will no longer perform the required function. Further, it implies that the window cannot retain warm air inside or manage the energy generated by the heating system. The seal can break for reasons like age, continued use, window frame condition and more. Hence, routine maintenance is recommended. This way, you can identify potential leakages from the beginning and undertake repair work.

Why is my Double Pane Window Cloudy?

If the double-glazed windows of your home are clouding or steaming up, it is a sign of instant repair. The problem indicates breaching in the interior air pocket despite the window being sealed. While the windows can handle few amounts of moisture, there is an upper limit to it. You can take expert advice to understand how much condensation the desiccant beads can handle and why the window is clouding up.

Repairing Broken Sealed Unit

You should get the repair and replacement work done before the onset of the winter season. Broken sealing of the double-glazed windows leaks expensive energy. This causes your heating system not to work properly. Failed sealed units are unsightly; hence it is worth replacing them to restore the energy efficiency feature of windows.

UK homeowners prefer installing aluminium or UPVC double glazing for easy and quick installation. If the windows have an old fenestration system or timber double glazing, the replacement cost gets expensive. This is especially if the units are secured onto the frame with putty instead of wooden beams.

Should I Change Window Frames?

Replacing the double-glazed windows is more cost-effective than changing the entire framework. A misted window is due to the seal on the glass. It has nothing to do with the window frame. Hence you should replace the glass unit. By choosing double glazed windows, you are shifting to a rated energy efficient window for your home.

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