Six Signs That Your Double Glazing Needs Replacing

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No matter how good the quality of a window is, nothing can last forever. After all, a good quality product also comes with a shelf life. Their durability depends on factors like weather conditions, the frames and maintenance as well. You must hire an experienced glazier if you notice signs that your double glazing could be failing. You may consider replacement in such scenarios. Let’s dive deeper into the subject.

How To Understand If Double-Glazing Is Damaged?

Draughts Around Windows

Check draughts around your windows if it takes longer to warm your house than earlier. This may indicate worn-out seals around the windows. Draughts from the gap between your property’s brickwork and windows signify the damaged sealants. You may consider replacing window seals as a cost-effective option, but you will need to replace your windows eventually in the long run.


Seeing misty windows can annoy you. Pay attention when condensation starts forming in the space between the glazing sheets in your windows. This may be a sign of leakage. It means that the gas cavity isn’t sealed between the panes. Hence, you must reach out to a experienced glazier to replace your double glazing.

Chip and Cracks

Are you noticing chips or cracks in the windowpane? Then, perhaps there’s something wrong with your double glazing. Such a situation calls for their replacement unless you want to cope with regular discomfort with leaks, draughts etc.

Water Leakage

Windows are designed to keep the weather conditions outside your property. Hence, water leaking through the window frames of your house may indicate a problem with the weather seal. And if not the seal, it might be because of a blockage in the drainage system.

Increase Energy Bills

Windows are supposed to keep the heat and the cold air out of your house. You will notice an increase in utility bills when your windows don’t work properly. You can call a glazier in such a case who can check to find out the exact reason.

Difficulty in Using Windows

This is an important sign that your windows aren’t functioning optimally. You must consider replacing them as windows must be able to open and close smoothly without any difficulty.

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