Top Five Tips for Effective Window Glazing

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If you are reconsidering a house makeover, considering window glazing is a good option. It involves replacing or maintain the old windows to make it look new. While the task is not easy, you can also seek help from professionals like glass and glazing service.

Benefits of Glass Glazing

It creates an accurate first impression. Choose from high quality, durable windows which are energy efficient. They retain heat which saves a lot on the electricity bills. Besides regulating the overall building temperature, it also guarantee safety and security. Custom window panes enhance the design of the room and saves up more space.

5 Tips For Efficient Window Glazing Services

Select the right kind of tools

The glazing process is mostly dependant on the kind of tools and equipment which are utilized. With the right types and model, the professionals can complete the work in a few hours, without hassle. To remove the putty, use tools like a heat gun, utility knife, scrapper and sandpaper.

For Double Glazing

Remember that the frame of the window is very crucial while glazing. While undergoing the process of double glazing, see that there is no excess gap between two windows. Ideally, it should be 12mm. Fill with argon gas for heightened performance.  If the purpose behind double glazing is to lower the noise, there must be a gap of  50-100mm. This slightly reduces the thermal performance of the window.

Use low emittance glass

Often, adding low-e-coating to the internal glass panes keep the house warm during the wintertime. The window reflects the radiant heat inside the room.  Experts also use it to compliment the double glazed windows and reduce heat loss.

Single or Double Glazing?

The days of installing single glazed windows are long gone. The benefits that double-glazing provides is more than installing single glazed windows.

For single glazing, a single-window pane of glass is needed. They are 3mm to 10mm in width. While it functions as an insulative barrier, it is 20 times less efficient. The latter makes use of two glass pieces attached with a vacuum. This acts as a protective insulation barrier. Sometimes, this glass is UV tinted or has lamination. The thermal efficiency of this type is 80% higher.

Type of Glazing Putty

There are two types – oil-based and latex. The latex one is affordable. However, the oil-based one is tough and sturdy. Be extra cautious while using it to reattach the frame. At Crown Glass in Kingston, the team of experts provides efficient, high-grade services, according to client requirement.