Types of Glasses to Suit Your Double-Glazed Windows

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Not many people are aware of the different types of glasses that might suit your double-glazed windows. Each one of the lenses has a set of capabilities that the other one doesn’t have. That’s why, while choosing the right type of double-glazed window glass, you have to be attentive. Make sure you have your priorities clear. Not to mention, it can be a little daunting to choose any particular one as the range of options is vast. We are here to help you choose the right type of double-glazed window glass in Wimbledon that would fit your needs the best. Below is an overview of some popular types of window glasses used in glass glazing and the advantages you can expect from them.

Annealed Glass

The first option that comes into everyone’s mind is annealed glass. It is the most economical one out of all that is available in the market. Annealed glass is also known as float glass. It is the most popular and common choice of double-glazed glass for your window. Even though annealed glasses are not as much secure as tempered glass or the other types of glasses available in the market, but it is quite inexpensive that’s why it is majorly popular among customers. These glasses are robust to break, but if anyhow it’s broke then the shards can be very harmful and dangerous for you.

Tempered Glass

Tempered glass which is also known as toughened glass, is more durable than annealed glass. It is made of a special thermal treatment which makes it strong enough to withstand any situation. In case it has to face such a situation, it is made in a way that it will safely crumble rather than breaking up dangerously. Tempered glass is 3-4 times tougher than float glass. After seeing all the qualities, you can understand why tempered glass is getting so popular in the market these days. Not to mention that tempered glass is slightly on the expensive side, but paying for it would be a good investment.

Laminated Glass

In case you are looking for both safety and security, then the laminated glass would be the option you should go for. Multiple layers of glass are cast together with a casted resin or polyvinyl butyl laminate. Even if the glass is broken, it stays stuck there rather than causing you any harm or danger. People who prioritize their safety before anything else, this would be the first choice for them. Another name for laminate glass is safety glass. This one can be seen mostly in shops and showrooms as they are highly theft-proof.

Self-Cleaning Glass

As the name implies, this glass has self-cleaning property in it. This glass was invented back in 2001. An extra layer of titanium dioxide is added on the outside of the glass that helps it breaking down any dirt build up on the surface.

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