What Is Museum-Grade Glass And Why Should You Use It For Framing?

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The museum glass is one of the most innovative products available for framing. It is one of the best quality elements, greatly impacts your wall, and looks striking. If you want a picture framing service in Wimbledon, you can contact the experts who offer museum framing for your special artwork.

What Is Museum Framing, And How Is It Different From Normal Glass?

Museum glass, also known as non-reflection or art glass, is a unique clarity and reflection control glass. Unlike traditional picture-framing glass, it effectively manages light reflection, enhancing the clarity and detail of the artwork. This is why it’s often the preferred choice for framing special pieces.

This frame is called the museum glass, as it is a museum-grade product used to ensure you can see from the art piece, and this frame does not cause any elemental damage.

Why Museum Glass Is Better Than Traditional Glass?

Non-reflective traditional glass is a product that has been available in picture framing for a long time. This type of framing controls how the light interferes with the viewing experience. The traditional framing must be slightly etched back to control the light refraction. This is the result; the diffusing effect needs to be clarified. The image inside the framing becomes blurred, and the detailing is not visible. The only way to ensure you see the artwork is to place the glass in contact with the artwork.

Museum glass, much like modern laptop screens, effectively controls light, reducing glare and ensuring an ultra-clear view of the artwork. This eliminates further diffusion, providing a crisp, detailed image. These benefits make museum glass a superior choice for framing artwork.

When You Should Use The Museum Glass?

There are some instances when you need to use the museum glass, and they include-

  1. When the artwork is too dark
  2. When the artwork is too glossy
  3. When the artwork has detailing

At times, the artwork combines all these things. If you want to protect your artwork, you can opt for museum framing that preserves it and shows the detailing nicely. At Crown Glass, we offer different types of picture framing services, such as mount boards, museum-grade, and non-reflective glass framing. Get in touch to learn more.